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What did the bee say to the flower? Hello Honey!

Spring is a very busy time for plants. The sun and water has bulbs bursting to life again. New flowers to smell, trees are getting green and baby animals are everywhere. Spring is a magical time that means more sun and summer fun is coming.

Spring is when we introduce our children to the wonders of nature. Take a walk outside! Show your child the first plants of the season, that are popping out from the ground. Play a game of can you find the crokus or daffodil? When you return home do a planting session! Start with seeds from the packet or RE-Pot your own house plants. Watch ViVi and her dad go at it, sprucing up our foliage.

Gardening helps kids to get in touch with all their 5 senses by:

This is a wonderful way to create fond memories with our little ones while teaching them skills that require strength, precision and patience. Not to mentions that it also helps to further refine their fine motor skills when they begin to scoop up dirt, plant seeds on pots and pour water into the pots.

This is a project V worked on :