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Why are fish so educated? They swim in schools.

Imagine this, you've had a long day at work and your child a long day at school. You both walk into your home and are welcomed by a beautiful glittering shimmering presence and chorus of swimmers with flipping tails. Besides the fact that the fish only want to be fed, it's nice to have a welcoming relaxed zen like home after a long hard day's work.

Aquariums are an exciting and wonderful way for children to experience nature indoors or in their own home! They are artistically pleasing and relaxing to the eye. The landscaping alone can even be a pleasant artistry pursuit.

There are many benefits to introducing kids to a fish tank, including, : Instilling a sense of responsibility and pride as in that they take care of the fish by caring for and feeding the fish. When cleaning the tank they learn about water quality and temperature. When they stare at the fish, they begin to ask questions and they start to learn about the different fish species, chemistry, temperatures, plants, and many topics in Science.

Image of book The Rainbow Fish

It helps them to become imaginative and creative with this new sea world in front of them, thus reducing anxiety and increasing relaxation. This might even develop into a lifetime hobby as well as a gateway into a more professional approach to science.

My 5 year old is already well versed in different types of fish, snails, the body parts and structure of a fish. She can also tell you about the difference between salt water and fresh water fish and their habitats.

Image of Fish Parts

When my husband first approached me with the idea of getting a fish tank for Vivi i was all for it until he mentioned that it would be a 30 gallon tank! I almost fainted at the idea but after so much torment and convincing me about the many benefits I gave in and I even went along with them to select that gravel and accessories. My favorite being the yellow submarine while Vivi's is Spongebob's pineapple.

Image of Blue Fish