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**"I think I should work at a smoothie shop, I feel like I would blend in"**

We all seem to be constantly on the go. I look around me and I see people rushing to get to their next destination. Whether it's running errands, heading to a workout, or simply taking the dog for a walk. It seems that most times it's hard to find the time during our busy schedules to sit down and have a proper meal.

I found myself giving a new meaning to the phrase " Eat and Run" By that I mean that I literally found myself "eating and running" I started to miss out on the fruits and vegetables that our bodies need for energy and balance.

I spoke to my mom about this and she reminded me that in the old days she found herself in the same situation and then she bought herself a press juicer. Not only did she find a way to energize herself during her busy schedule but she also discovered a way to feed my sister and I fruits and vegetables that we would not eat if served on a plate.

What a wonderful way to sneak in fruits and vegetables throughout the day for ourselves and into our kiddos!!

Getting kids to eat healthy foods isn't always easy, but have you attempted to make a smoothie for them? Well you might want to consider it after reading about all the healthy nutrients you can get into your child by drinking a delicious protein packed smoothie!

A smoothie is a fantastic way of packing in loads of healthy nutrients, fruits, veggies, nuts, that they might otherwise refuse to even try if served on a plate. The number of healthy ingredients available for smoothies is limitless. After fruits and veggies you can add herbs and superfoods such as, chia seeds and lucuma powder, the possibilities and combinations are endless!

All these ingredients filled with vitamins and nutrients not only give us a natural energy uplift but also gives our brains a boost which improves mental clarity, focus and memory. They are also a an excellent immune supplement that helps to create a strong defense system against many ailments including the common cold.

Wait, not only are they healthy but they are fun to create!! By mixing the different types of fruits and veggies the kids love to guess what colors and flavors will be created. You can serve them during any meal throughout the day, breakfast , lunch or dinner.

So go ahead, take out your blender and start getting creative! Your kid will thank you and in return you'll also educate yourself on what comprises a healthy diet. You will start to make better decisions and become more confident in your family's food choices.

Here is one of Vivi's favorite smoothies:

The fruits can be fresh or frozen.