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*Quote By Maya Angelou* **"Try to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud"**

In this hectic world we live in, a little smile or laughter can serve as chicken soup for the soul. One way to promote Positive thinking and build self esteem is by practicing Positive Affirmations. Negative self-talk affects us all no matter what age. We tend to be critical of ourselves and of others around us. We can't help but compare ourselves to our surroundings. The good news is that positive affirmations can help to change negative thoughts about ourselves and the world we live in. There are even different kinds of affirmations for the different moods, and occasions that we might encounter.

Once we begin to say the positive words aloud we begin to internalize them and we believe them to be true!

One way to get started is by writing the affirmations down on post it notes. Then put them on your bathroom mirror the night before so it's the first thing you look at in the morning. Try them out while brushing your teeth!

Another way is to start a journal, pack the journal in your to go bag. In the morning while your rushing out the door you can read them to yourself in the train, bus, etc.

Make it fun for the kiddos too by incorporating them into songs or games.

Here is an activity you and your child can do together:

Start with "I AM ___"

Help your child fill in the blank with the words below:

We can all become, no matter at what age Positive, Confident, Resilient Happy people leading to a LOVE Generation!!!